Creating Value

Driving Value and Accelerating Growth

At CCP, we drive value and deliver superior returns to our investors through our industry experience, passion for our business, and partnership with portfolio company management and co-investors. Our approach is to drive value at all points in the investment cycle, from structuring the transaction to the liquidity event, and is based on the following:

Strategic Guidance

Leveraging off of our decades of industry and company-building experience, we work closely with management and portfolio company boards to help shape and execute strategies directed at establishing best-in-class growth companies. Our real time view across the financial services and healthcare services sectors offers our companies a unique perspective as they undertake critical strategic decisions.

Partnership Approach

As the lead or co-lead investor, our professionals form a seamless team with portfolio company management, boards and co-investors. Significant emphasis is placed on aligning incentives up front and working closely with all constituents. A hallmark of our approach since the firm's inception, this has become increasingly important as growth companies attract multiple investors.

A Powerful Network

The financial services and healthcare services sectors are populated with large global institutions that serve as potential customers, sources of executive talent, partners and potential acquirers. Through our longstanding leadership position in these two sectors, CCP offers access to a powerful network comprised of limited partners, operating executives, portfolio company partners, industry experts and specialty investment banks. This network also enables us to generate attractive proprietary deal flow.

Fostering Growth

Growth companies have a unique set of requirements that include institutionalizing management and operating functions, access to growth capital and strategic and M&A guidance. We work in partnership with management, particularly when it comes to assessing and recruiting C-level executives, strategic guidance, financing growth and assisting in identifying and negotiating with acquisition targets.

Value Maximization

Determining when and how to monetize value is a critical decision that the lead investors and board of every successful growth company will face. Our long term track record and focused strategic approach enables us to assist the Company in determining the optimal timing and form of transaction, including an IPO, company sale or merger, or recapitalization. We leverage our network as part of this process and have numerous examples where this has led to an attractive exit.

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